Caudron C.460 Extreme Detail & Diorama (2016 IPMS Heritage Con Entry)

The Caudron C.450 and C.460 were French racing aircraft built to participate in the Coupe Deutsch de la Meurthe race of 1934. The airframe was built from spruce and birch plywood, with steel and alloy engine bearers and magnesium cowling/fuel tanks. The wings were fitted with split flaps and the angle of incidence of the tailplane could be varied while in flight. Here is a scale replica of this unique airplane, with some fine detail implemented into it.

The Caudron C.460 as seen from a top view angle.
Caudron C.460 nose close up.
Caudron C.460 tail section close up.
Caudron C.460 nose section, cowl and main landing gear.
The Caudron C.460 was nicely presented on a diorama.

Youtube video link:

Some pretty cool footage of the Caudron Racer in flight courtesy of Aerocraftsman:

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