Incredible Weathering 1/48 Scale BF-109 Messerchmitt Model (IPMS Heritage Con 2016 Entry)

One of the most feared and famous fighters of the Luftwaffe is without a doubt the BF-109 Messerchmitt. This beast first flew in May of 1935, and was retired by the Spanish Air Force in December 1965. The BF-109 is a very popular scale modelling subject, as seen here at the 2016 IPMS Heritage Con. The weathering on this model is just world class!!

Decal placement on this model is on point.
Side view of the BF-109. Note the extended flaps.
Extreme close up on the engine cowl.
This fighter was agile, and lethal in air to air combat.
Extreme close up on the cockpit detail.
Front view of the fighter. Note the exhaust streaks.


Video link:

Rare footage of the BF-109 flying again courtesy of Jeff Ooi:

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